Liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen plant for Indonesian customers: KDON-300Y /600

Cryogenic liquid Oxygen equipment: KDON-300Y /600 delivered to Indonesian customers by Hangzhou UIG Company in October 2021. This cryogenic liquid equipment has two operating conditions, the first condition is liquid oxygen product condition, the output is 300 kg/h, the liquid oxygen product purity is 99.6% oxygen content, at this case there is no liquid nitrogen product. The second working condition is liquid nitrogen case, with output of 300 kg/h liquid nitrogen product and the product purity of 10ppm oxygen content. This air separation equipment adopts Atlas Copco air compressor, this is an international brand product. And two turbine expanders are used in the process, one of which is positive flow expansion and the other is reflux gas expansion. All the turbines are China local brand product. Make full use of the expansion refrigeration equipment, ASU equipment start fast, large industrial or medical liquid oxygen or liquid nitrogen production. The modular design concept is used to shorten the design cycle and ensure the supply cycle of equipment. We use HYSYS software to optimize our process organize. We use autocad to draw the process flow diagram. We use the international brand product for our instrument control system. It ensures our plant to run stable and more reliable. We can make products at lower electrical power consumption. Below is the delivery photo:


Post time: Nov-23-2021