High purity nitrogen plant KDN-600/45Y stablely running more than one year

High purity nitrogen plant KDN-600/45Y stablely running more than one year. In November 2020, the high purity nitrogen equipment KDN-600/45Y has been put into operation at the customer site in Anhui province. The air separation equipment adopts the skid design. The main body of the complete set of equipment includes the skid of air compressor, the skid of molecular sieve purifier, the integral distillation column, and the skid of the analysis and control room greatly shorten the installation time of the main part of the equipment. This set of air separation equipment also includes storage, vaporization and transportation system of liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon. The output of high purity nitrogen of this air separation equipment is 600Nm3/h. At the same time, it can produce 45 l/h liquid nitrogen products and high purity nitrogen products for the semiconductor chip industry. The nitrogen purity requirements of the products are high, only 1-3ppm oxygen content, moisture content is less than 3ppm. In the design, we adopt the middle and low pressure process, which is a single column structure in the form of packed column. The backflow nitrogen expansion refrigeration flow is adopted, which effectively reduces the unit energy consumption of air separation equipment. The air compressor uses the frequency conversion model of Atlas. At present, the equipment has been in the customer site without accident stable operation for more than one year. The customer’s chip production line has been continuous running for more than a year by our qualified nitrogen gas supply. The customer satisfied and appreciate with our high purity nitrogen equipment. We use HYSYS software to optimize our process organize. We use autocad to draw the process flow diagram. We use the international brand product for our instrument control system. It ensures our plant to run stable and more reliable. We can make products at lower electrical power consumption. Below as the delivery photo:


Post time: Nov-29-2021